Phototastic Collage 3 With Keygen Full Version Free Download


Phototastic Collage 3 With Keygen Full Version Free Download

Phototastic Collage is one of the best Windows apps to use if you want to create collage stickers for your photos. The tool recently received a new update in the Windows Store with more features. Read on to learn more about it, when it comes to collage your photos in Windows 10 and 8, Photostatic is among the best apps to use. Also, it is entirely free and has no ads. Now, you have received a new update that brings some useful new features to the table. With Phototastic you can create beautiful combinations of your photos. With over 100 collage stickers to choose from, you will never be bored. When you’re done organizing your photos, apply one of the multiple photo shapes or background styles for an additional collage.

Phototastic Collage With Keygen Free Download

Phototastic Collage 3 With Keygen Full Version Free Download

Once all this is done, not only save the Collage to yourself, but share it with your friends, and according to the release notes posted by thumbmunkeys, developer, Windows 10 app, 8.1 Photostatic now comes with some new features, such as free mode (where you get your photos where you want), photo frames and Collage (with more frame styles added in the future), plus more collage templates and more backgrounds. Phototastic Collage Keygen also gives you plenty of options to add custom stickers, text and experiences and apply picture frames. If you are a fan of Polaroid and Film Frames, this is the perfect application for you because it supports these two types of structures in collages, since the form contains more than 30 photographic effects that you can use to adjust the contrast and brightness of the image. What’s more interesting is that it provides front and rear camera support. In other words, you can take photos of your photo collections using the built-in action camera, then apply different effects to the newly captured images. When you are satisfied with the result, you can share the collage images of the photos in media social communication. The app supports photo sharing for Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Facebook and other social media platforms.

Phototastic Collage Download

Phototastic was recently released for Windows 8 to allow you to have the same poster-creation capabilities on a Windows 8 / RT computer or tablet. Windows 8 edition shares many features as the Windows Phone version, just a little more space with bigger screens. If you love Windows Phone version of Phototastic, then you will like Windows 8. Your Phototastic homepage in Windows 8 will display the most recent Collage created, tiles to select your collage template, boxes to add images to existing photos and to launch the camera to take a new photo and link to the Phototastic Store. The settings, as with most Windows 8 apps, are hidden on the right side of the screen and cover settings for sharing options.


  • More than 100 collages with up to 25 photos
  • Free mode with unlimited images.
  • picture frames
  • Text and stickers
  • Integrated action camera
  • Adjustable internal and external edges.
  • Photo shapes/masks

Phototastic Collage 3 With Keygen Full Version Free Download

What’s New

Phototastic Collage has more than a hundred block moulds to choose from. They range from two image formats to four image styles in the free version of Phototastic. You can purchase additional templates from the photo store that will increase your number of models to over a hundred and add collage options with up to 25 photos. Other in-app purchases include new alphabet background shapes that allow you to save stickers with full accuracy. I like the opportunity to buy what you need, but I didn’t mind seeing the HD package included in the free version. Once the collage template is selected, not only does each square populate an image. Phototastic also can customize the borders of a collage, customize the look of the image (not always a square), add shadow to your photo boxes (add a little depth to the Collageege), and add a wallpaper.

Latest Version

  • All editing options appear well on either side of the collage template. The layout, image, size, and rotation controls align the left side of the screen with the options for Stroke, Image Format, Background, Shadow, and Spread. When creating a collage, just touch the frame you want to fill with an image, and a popup menu will appear. You can add an image from a media file (locally store the photo folder, Skydrive folder, etc.), start the camera to take a new picture (if applicable), add an image from your Flickr account, or simply fill the space with a solid colour.

Product Key

  • 4RF56-RFD09-00TGV-VCE45-54REF
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Phototastic Collage 3 With Keygen Full Version Free Download
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